Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Go Bill

State of New Mexico

Office of the Governor

Bill Richardson


For Immediate Release: Contact: Gilbert Gallegos

December 27, 2006 (505) 476-2217

Governor Richardson Announces 10-point Animal

Protection Package

SANTA FE -- Governor Bill Richardson today announced a $3.6 million animal protection package that he will present to the Legislature next month. The Governor announced his plan to help the state’s animal population at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society.

“We are taking a comprehensive approach to protecting animals, starting with a significant investment in preventing pet overpopulation and a strong animal welfare oversight board,” Governor Bill Richardson said.

The Governor’s 10-point plan includes:

$150,000 for Animal Welfare Oversight Board

Governor Richardson proposed $150,000 in recurring funds to create an Animal Welfare Oversight board that will be housed within the Regulation and Licensing Department.

The board will be run by an Executive Director who is responsible for addressing issues of animal welfare at the state level.

$2 million for Animal Shelter Improvements and Operations

Governor’s Richardson’s budget will also include $2 million to help animal shelters around the state improve infrastructure and services.

$500,000 to expand spay/neuter programs.

Governor Richardson proposed $500,000 to expand the existing statewide spay/neuter program to help reduce pet overpopulation.

$100,000 to create grants for adoption and placement programs

Governor Richardson proposed $100,000 in grant monies to help defray the costs of room and board to organizations that offer foster homes for pets awaiting adoption.

$500,000 in grant awards for Aged and Neglected Horse Sanctuaries

Governor Richardson’s proposal invests $500,000 in grant awards for aged and neglected horse sanctuaries. The funding will be geared specifically for facilities that take in unwanted farm/ranch/sport or wild horses.

$150,000 for the New Mexico Livestock Board

Governor Richardson’s budget provides the New Mexico Livestock Board with $150,000 to help them in their efforts to care for abused and neglected horses.

$100,000 for UNM Center for Wildlife Law

Governor Richardson’s proposal includes $100,000 for the UNM Center for Wildlife Law to conduct a study on the effects of climate change on wild animal migratory and residence patterns.

$100,000 for pilot program for schools

Governor Richardson’s budget will include $100,000 for a pilot program for New Mexico public schools to teach humane care and treatment of animals to schoolchildren, which will be administered by the Public Education Department.

The Governor’s proposal also included his plan to urge the Federal Government to improve management of wild horse herds and to develop tourism programs at national wild horse territories. He also pledged his continued support for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish’s effort to ensure that both Blacktail and Gunnison prairie dogs are maintained as a keystone species, while respecting the rights and considerations of ranchers and municipalities.

Plus he's made a pledge to ban cockfighting in New Mexico!

Write him, email him, or call him with YOUR support!


At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting and informational blog! I'm in Abq' a lot visiting my sweetie - I'll have to check back here frequently!

At 12:04 AM, Blogger meepdog said...

NEW MEXICO's WILD HORSE ADVOCATES are watching to see if BILL RICHARDSON WILL SIGN SB655 which is on his desk now. SB655 will protect and preserve NEW MEXICO's very few remaining WILD HORSES. RICHARDSON has supported the wild horses in the recent past. This bill was passed unanimously in the NM State House and had only one opposing Senator in the NM State Senate. This bill has been justified by two NM State Attorney generals. Bloggers are waiting for good news on this one as well.


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