Thursday, October 05, 2006

This week....

Ray, Margaret, and I went out to the West Mesa on Monday to finish the 84 burrows that still had to be backfilled. Unfortunately we were unaware of the weekly meeting that delayed Augustine's arrival by several hours. Unable to contact anyone (well duh, they were all in the meeting) we left the site. Auge arrived and not finding any of us, did his best to back fill the burrows.

We finally got in contact and agreed to meet on Tuesday. I was concerned about the backfill as we try to stabilize the tubes as the dirt is pushed back in over the pot. I checked several using an eight foot rod and they were all within tolerance! Great job!! Dick and I moved the cage caps over to the new site and called it a day, finishing about 2 PM.

On Wednesday it was clean tanks and cage day. The tanks and cages were sterilized using a 10% solution of chlorine and washed with a "simple green" detergent. While it took most of the day, but late afternoon both cars were back in the holding facility and life was somewhat returning to normal.


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