Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This is pathetic. We've had 3 comments and 2 of them were obscene and were deleted by the blogger webmaster! What gives? Surely you have an opinion! I mean everyone does. They are like....never mind.... Say if you have an opinion lett'er rip! C Rex


Kudos, congratulations, and appropriate sustained applause go to Sherri Domres for spotting the first prairie dog of the 2007 season. Sherri called this afternoon to report sighting a cynomys at Rover! Fortunately she saw only one and perhaps the mild weather roused him (or her) for a look see. Hopefully the incoming weather will convince the early riser to head back down for another six weeks of winter weather. Where's Phil when you need him???? Oh that's on the 1st! Oh well.

Sherri has won the prize and when we figure out what it is she will be awarded it with all appropriate pomp and circumstance. ...at Prairie Dog Pal-ooza of course!

And so it begins!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Prairie Dog Pal-ooza

Tickets for Prairie Dog Pal-ooza are now on sale. You can buy them direct from the website (www.prairiedogpals.org/shop for prairie dogs. There are also links on the news page (top) and home page (bottom). You can buy them from Tammy as well (505 410 3884 / tammy@e-solved.com). The tickets are $20/1 and $35/2, combine these to get the number you want. Please support this fund raising event and enjoy an afternoon learning about the language of prairie dogs.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Kansas Prairie Dogs to be poisoned!

OAKLEY, Kan. A western Kansas judge could decide on GroundhogDay whether to force some western Kansas ranchers to move their cattle so county officials can poison prairie dogs. Logan Countycommissioners filed a lawsuit January tenth against ranchers andlandowners who have fought their efforts to wipe out prairie dogs. Farmers and ranchers say the animals destroy pastures and fieldsby digging holes and tunneling. They also say the rodents competewith cattle for grass to forage. Some people who oppose the county's eradication attempts supporta federal effort to reintroduce the endangered black-footed ferretto the area. Prairie dogs are a main food source for the ferrets. A hearing on the matter is set for February second -- GroundhogDay.----A judge will hear the county's request for a temporary injunctionforcing the ranchers and landowners to remove the cattle from anylands while the county applies rodenticide. Information from: The Hays Daily News, http://www.hdnews.netCopyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Thismaterial may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Note from YB: If anyone can take a moment to protest the poisoning, you may beable to connect thru the Hays Daily News website....

Prairie dogs to go to Pawnee National Grassland (Part 2)

Prairie Dogs To Go To Pawnee National Grasslands(AP) FORT COLLINS, Colo. The Forest Service has approvedtransplanting prairie dogs from as many as 30 towns to the Pawnee National Grassland.The plan calls for setting a minimum of 1,000 acres for black-trailed prairie dogs. It is expected it could support 8,500 animals.Those plans include management for a minimum of 1,000 acres ofblack-tailed prairie dog colonies in as many as 30 towns, and a maximum population of 8,500 acres of prairie dog colonies with noupper limit on the number of towns.Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest Supervisor, Glenn Casamassa, okayed the plan.(© 2007 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This materialmay not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. )

Prairie dogs to go to Pawnee National Grassland (Part 1)

By Rocky Mountain NewsJanuary 22, 2007Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests supervisor GlennCasamassa has upheld a controversial decision on the number of black-trailed prairie dogs that will be allowed on the PawneeNational Grassland northeast of Greeley.District Ranger Steve Currey made the original decision last October after environmental analysis and public involvement concerning thenumber of rodents that should be maintained on the 193,000-acrenational grassland — a checkerboard of public and private lands inWeld County, the Forest Service reported in a release today. The decision was to manage for a minimum of 1,000 acres ofblack-tailed prairie dog colonies in a minimum of 30 towns, and amaximum of 8,500-acre prairie dog colonies with no upper limit onthe number of towns. Various tools, including shooting, were included in the decision toconserve and control prairie dogs.The decision wasn't popular with either livestock producers or conservationists — polar opposites on how many should beallowed.Ranchers said due to the drought on the plains, the prairie dogs were eating too much of the grasses needed by cattle and sheep.Conservationists argued to preserve a grassland, prairie dogs are anintegral component, providing not only food for predators, but shelter for burrowing owls and other species.Five appeals to the decision were received by the Forest Service.After reviewing the record and considering the work and recommendations of the appeal review team, Casamassa upheld thedecision."This decision provides for the conservation of black-tailed prairie dogs on the Pawnee National Grassland while allowing the ForestService to be a good neighbor and limit encroachments onto stateand private lands," said Casamassa.


The bus leaves Albuquerque at 1030!

Dear Friends of the Animals,
We have an opportunity to make history for animal protection again! New Mexico is one of only two states that still allows cockfighting. Louisiana is the other state. In the same way that we made the HEART Ordinance a reality, we can stop the brutality of cockfighting. Please read the message from Animal Protection Voters (APV) of NM which follows this message. Buses and/or vans will be made available for those who want to take advantage of the transportation to Santa Fe. APV is also providing a boxed lunch, etc. (see below).

This could be a historic day. We can make a difference for generations to come! If it is at all possible for you to attend the Committee Hearings, please call APV and let them know. It may be a long day but well worth the effort. Feel free to bring a book, snacks, etc. If you can, bring friends, family, a stranger off the street :). We need a crowd! This could be a great learning experience for your children (if they are old enough to sit and understand the legislative process). We are expecting that the cockfighting community and their supporters will show up in droves to oppose the ban!

Of course, as in the past, quiet is expected. Cheering and booing are not permitted. If you have any questions, please either call APV and leave a message or email us. It is very important that you confirm as soon as you can so we have an idea of the turnout and know how many buses/vans are needed.

We sure would enjoy hearing from you, the way we did for the HEART Ordinance. We greatly miss keeping in touch with all of you. Hope to see many, many of you on February 1st! Without your support, change could never take place! Thanks again for all you have done for the animals and continue to do.

With deep appreciation,
PAW ... NM (People for Animal Welfare of NM)

-------------- Forwarded Message: --------------
From: APNM News
To: cl18@comcast.net
Subject: Urgent - we need you! Attend Senate Committee Hearing for Cockfighting Ban
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 19:25:29 +0000

Don't Miss It! The Hearing Date for Bill to Ban Cockfighting Bill is Set


It's time to make history folks. On Thursday, February 1, 2007 at . in Room 311 of the State Capitol Building in Santa Fe, SB10 --the bill to ban cockfighting--will be heard before the Senate Conservation Committee.

Will the Fight Go On, or will the cockfighting ban and the 81% of New Mexicans that support a ban finally get an historic vote on the Senate floor this year?

The roosters of New Mexico can't make it to the hearing, -- so they need you to come and be their voice and presence. We must demonstrate with our numbers that the cruelty of animal fighting is not consistent with New Mexican's humane values.

We are making it easy for you to attend by providing free roundtrip transportation from several parts of the state (no need to hassle with parking or directions to the state capitol), a yummy lunch, a limited edition t-shirt and a great time with democracy at its finest.

You will not have to testify. We simply want and need you to attend the hearing to show legislators that there is tremendous support for a cockfighting ban.

Please contact APV immediately, but no later than Tuesday, January 30th to reserve your spot on one of our free vans/shuttles from your area: 505-265-2322 x21 or email mail@apvnm.org. Vans will return to your town the same day. Invite your friends, co-workers and family. Please plan to spend the entire day.